Have you ever had want to share your blog post, video, or photo across the web only to be lost among the gigantic shuffle that is the internet? Heard the saying that you can build the best mouse trap in the world, but if you do not let people know about it then the product never exists. That is why when you find a group of people who share your blog across different social networks you want to talk this group up, because they let your mousetrap be discussed. That is the position I am in today.

About 1 month ago, I joined Tribe Syndication Alliance, otherwise known as TSA. TSA’s mission is to provide additional exposure, more quality relationships, and more success for it’s members. They do this with a group of roughly 200 devoted individuals who each week commit to share, connect, and build each others business.

It has made a world of difference to my blog. Since I joined this group last month my blog traffic has grown from 3,000 hits per month to almost 5,0000 hits per month. A large percentage of that growth is thanks to this amazing group of individuals.

The fact is that building a blog by yourself is a long, tough process. When you partner up with others who have a similar philosophy to you, and can help you grow your site and yourself you see the benefits.

Google Analytics Traffic

As you can see in the example above I have had 10,000 visits since the beginning of this year. Even more important is that this traffic has increased dramatically over the past month as I have grown my TSA connections.

So, now that I have talked it up, let’s see if you are a good fit. TSA is for bloggers who use Self-Hosted WordPress blogs, plus a number of the select WordPress plugins from WordPress, such as DiggDigg and ComentLuv. Additionally this is for bloggers looking to provide quality content.

The reason why other bloggers who use this system and myself have seen success is because we do not put up rah rah promo stuff all the time. Instead, we believe that the majority of our content should be about education, so people share your blog. Do not misunderstand me that you should never talk about your business, but the more you talk about you, the more you will be the only person on your website.

This is done, because other bloggers are OK with sharing your promotional information from time to time, but are not in the business of solely promoting yours.

Now that you know more about this great site go to TSAMastery.com for more information on how you can share your blog.