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So I saw a bit of a disturbing sex tape earlier today that really got me thinking about a huge (Pardon the pun) problem in marketing. I know this might be a little different than my normal story, but the truth must come out. However, before I start describing what I see that is wrong with this scenario I will let you watch this shocking and controversial sex tape to understand more about how to fix this problem.

Are you bummed over this sex tape?

For those of you expecting hot women writhing all over men like jello on a hot day, I apologize. As you can see, however, this practice is extremely disgusting. The practice of using misleading headlines for your marketing efforts. Now, how can we end this abominable practice?

1. Think before your headline! Do not just sit idly by wondering if the headline is misleading. If you think it is, then make it more appropriate.

2. Test, Test, Test. Headlines are about testing. Test it to a small focus group ahead of time. Then test it again when your marketing goes public. Figure out if it is misleading. If so, remove the misleading parts.

3. Just because it is honest, does not mean it does not have to be fun. As you probably noticed already, part of the spoof video was to prove the point that a video can be playful and enjoyable to the readers. You do not have to just put a boring title like Misleading Headlines Begone! Realistically, how boring is that?

Let your headline be a starting point for a great adventure for your prospective client to take. Something that inspires them, and also helps them understand exactly what you are talking about. Otherwise, what is the point? Might as well make a sex tape!


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