Post By Diana Schneidman

Sure, Twitter is invaluable in pulling traffic to the blog and articles you write.

You write something—or you jot down some words on the way to creating audio or video content—and then tweet a link to drive traffic to what you have produced.

In other words, write. Then tweet a link to what you write.

But reverse the process and enjoy additional ways to build synergy between Twitter and your other content. If you tend to put off writing as though it’s 500 pushups, try using Twitter as a fun way to exercise your writing and publishing muscles every day.

Try these painless calisthenics:

  1. Send a tweet every morning before breakfast. It’s like starting the day out with a five-mile run . . . minus the sweat.
  2. Test out your article ideas with a single tweet. This is your first go-round at pinning down a thought into words.
  3. Invite your followers to comment on your ideas. Low-effort feedback that can spark interesting twists on your tweet.
  4. Decide the theme you want to write about and research it on Twitter. Painless research you can zip thru quickly.
  5. Guard against perfectionism by tweeting often. Twitter is fun and your less magnificent (and less grammatical!) comments quickly scroll down the screen and out of sight.
  6. Use Twitter as a personal log. Click on your profile to remember what you’ve written lately. Return to it when you need inspiration.
  7. Use hashtags—your own or others’—to find new people who share your interests. Invite new stimulation to your thinking. Add to conversations. Then repurpose your contributions into your writing.

Soon you’ll be on your way to writing great content easily, starting with a mere 140 characters at a time.

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