I have been noticing that I get a lot of questions lately about setting up a blog. The fact is that setting up a blog is easier than ever before.

As we go through this post, I will be assuming that you are setting up a blog on WordPress. I understand that there are other blogging platforms, however, none in my mind have more features and more ways to customize your blog than WordPress.

Setting Up A Blog Essentials

  1. Choose a domain (Use A Hosting Services, such Go Daddy , Blue Host, And HostGator)
  2. Get WordPress hosting along with your domain
  3. Find a WordPress Theme
  4. Set up WordPress Backup. WordPress Backup is vital to your site. If something goes wrong you want to make sure that your site is OK. I use

Setting Up A Blog Customization

  1. Check your theme options to see what customization features are available with your theme. Every theme has different options available from changing the header and background to full seo, social media, and other options.
  2. Start installing plugins. You will definitely want to install these plugins to add some character and additional functionality to your blog.
    1. All In One Or Platinum SEO
    2. Sexy Bookmarks or Digg Digg
    3. Recaptcha (See Disqus Vs Intense Debate Vs Recaptcha Vs WordPress Commenting System)
    4. Google Analyticator
    5. XML Sitemaps
    6. Feedburner Feedsmith
  3. Review all of the settings on your blog. From deciding whether you want your blog readers to land on a different page of your blog to making sure that you customize your permalinks, your settings will be an easy fix to your settings.

Setting Up A Blog Marketing

  1. We discussed above a few SEO plugins, such as All In One or Platinum SEO and also XML Sitemap. Make sure these plugins are set up correctly for you to start getting free search traffic.
  2. I believe that every blog should have a way to capture readers for repeat visits. These repeat visitors will form the core of your future prospects. Feedburner is great for updating these readers whenever your update your blog.
  3. Additionally, you want to start adding people to your email list. I prefer Aweber, because they have so many amazing features to their email marketing management system.
  4. Additionally, you will want to use social networking to drive in traffic. My Facebook Business Page has a custom landing page to help increase the conversion rates of my page. It is great, because over the long haul I get more people who sign up for my email lists. I use Lujure for hosting this and all of my other business page.
  5. Start using video traffic to get backlinks for SEO and also get this content syndicated to over 100 social networks, video sharing sites, article directories, and podcast directories. Traffic Geyser is an amazing tool to make this happen faster.

Setting Up A Blog And Make Money

  1. Now that you have all the cogs workings, let’s make some money. There are a hundred different ways to make money with blogging. The easiest and fast to get started with is Google adsense. The sign up is really quick and easy.
  2. Next, start looking at becoming an affiliate marketer. Here are some of my favorites: Peerfly, ShareASale are some of my favorites.
  3. Additionally, start looking at what you are currently selling to sell online as well. Some of the best bloggers were passionate about their information long before they started blogging. They took that passion to blogging and made a lot of money with their passion.

Setting up a blog can sometimes take time, but it is definitely worth the effort. Let us know what your successes (and lessons learned) were from setting up a blog yourself.