Your presence on the web is marked by a well made website, but that alone isn’t enough. The website must be properly optimized for popular search engines in order to gain more visibility among your target audience. Search engines have become the most popular and powerful phenomenon of the virtual world and your website’s compatibility with top three search engines is a basic requirement for attracting traffic.

You must continue your SEO campaign in a dynamic long term manner to remain on the same page with ever changing algorithms of search engines. A technique that worked well for your website last year may not be the ideal choice today simply because search engines have now chosen to ignore a specific parameter. In this article, let us discuss some basics that will give your SEO campaign a sharp edge and a strong backbone under most circumstances.

A Cutting Edge Website

The soul purpose of efforts made under an SEO campaign is to gain visibility for your website on popular search engine results. It is possible only if the search engines consider your site to be worthy of display on their top results. Their reputation is at stake and they are very serious about it. You should be equally serious about your website and the reputation it reflects on your business/work.

Keep your website informative and relevant to the content that your target audience is looking for. Make the navigational experience easy and comfortable – no one likes to go through a labyrinth of links and buttons. A visually appealing website will not only attract more visitors but keep them engaged for longer periods. A harsh spectacle to the eye is never really popular. Ensure that your URL is related to your theme and contains some of your keywords if possible.

Get Social

Get your website connected with the social media buzz to increase its visibility and depth of reach. Depending on the nature of your business choose which networks to emphasize on and be consistent in posting content. An active website is more likely to earn better results compared to dormant statics. If you have videos to showcase choose YouTube, DailyMotion etc. for posting your content. Pictures can be shared on Facebook, Flickr, Picasa et al. The idea is to gain presence in all forms of social media but emphasize on the ones which are most suitable for your purpose.

Start Blogging

Blogs, because of their nature of dynamic content-centric nature are very well suited for SEO campaigns. Try posting as many posts as possible, keep them relevant to your website and provide links. Linking your website will make it definitely SEO friendly and consequently result in more visitors.

Keep Your Options Open

When carrying out SEO campaigns do not get obsessed with one most popular search engine. It helps to target other search engines as well. Most marketers are not focusing on the second or third most popular search engines and that increases your chance to gain higher ranks. It also covers your back for possible future rank drops on your favorite search engine due to algorithmic changes. Spread your risk.       

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