Dead Poets Society

Seize the social networking! Over the past few days we have discussed how things will be different in 2012, how people need to quit the excuses they had in 2011, and we are now going to talk about how to go from step A to step Z.

Before that I want to say that I always enjoyed Robin Williams in the Dead Poets Society. His Carpe Diem line has been a great inspiration to me over the years. Especially when he brings the boys in front of the trophy cases and whispers as if a ghost from the past that they need to “seize the day” before it is too late. CARPE DIEM!

Seize The Social Networking

In a complete abomination of that phrase! Let us seize the social networking! Take hold and understand how it works. Let it work for us, and eventually let it help us increase our business, our fortunes, and our time.

At the beginning of each year we all have a silly resolution that we decide to act on. Silly not so much, because of what we hope to achieve, but silly because it is only at the new year can we have a resolution.

We need to be resolute in each and everyday of our business. We need to seize the opportunity while it exists! I have learned the hard way too many times over the previous years that the opportunity that exists now will surely be yesterday’s big story.

Therefore, like anything great thing in your life a resolution needs a plan. A place to go where all else fails.

To help you with your resolutions I will discuss a little about my resolution for this blog. Yes, you can actually have a resolution for a blog. It does not just have to be something like lose weight, make money, and get a date. A resolution can be more than that. It can be whatever you want it to be.

2012 Blogging Resolution

I want this blog to be more of a community and also have a bigger e-commerce aspect to it. While I enjoy doing this blog it does not earn enough at this point for me to do more with it. Additionally, I want to not be the only person working on this blog going forward. A team effort would be great!

How do I plan about doing this?

First, I want to have more people involved with the content for the blog. While I enjoy writing and will continue to do so in the future I want to have more guest writers on this blog. Perhaps a weekly guest columnist every Tuesday or Thursday. Tuesday or Thursday, because these are my busiest days of the week. It is also where I have the greatest strain on producing great content, because of the time constraints.

Along with a guest columnist I am looking for an editor. Talking to a few people already, but if you know someone I am still keeping my options open. I love being able to write this blog, but realize that my grammar might be always not the best. Note: that was a joke! You can laugh now!

Second, in order to make this site more dynamic we will continue to look at new ways to monetize this site. While, I would love to tell you that the joy of doing this blog is enough for me, which it has been mostly for the past two years I would also like to take the site to the next level(whatever that level maybe-still defining it).

This is just one area where I have decided to seize the social networking this year! There are many other areas which I will discuss with you in the new year.

Therefore, I want to ask you where are you seizing the social networking in 2012?