I figured out the secret sales prospecting on social networking. The code for the super duper secret sales prospecting tool has been cracked! The champagne is being popped! The classified sticker is being removed as you read this post! The secret sales prospecting tool that has eluded generations of business owners using social networking. Well, at least one or two generations, since social networking has only been around 25 years or so.

top secret

Secret Sales Prospecting Tool

Ok, get ready for this!

Wait for it!

Wait for it!

Be consistent!


Be consistent when you are using social networking.

Everyday, I make it my job to respond to my fans, followers, friends, connections, prospects, and clients. I do this through a number of different ways, which  I will talk about more below. The challenge most people have is that they do not follow up with their prospects and referral partners online. I have been plagued by this challenge in the past, and it is a challenge that I enjoy solving today.

This year, I have made such a commitment to improving my follow up that I have even started outsourcing some of the grunt work to make sure that I create more valuable relationships with my social network. I even have follow up goals that I set for myself. It is vital for me to stay in touch with my network on a consistent basis.

Secret Sales Prospecting Methods

Now, the big question is how to do I keep in touch with my network?

I use mass marketing methods, such as:

  1. Tweets
  2. Updates
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Article Marketing
  5. Blogging (Yes, this site is intended to be a forum to communicate with my network.)

I also use one on one methods:

  1. LinkedIn messages
  2. Facebook messages
  3. Mentions
  4. Email
  5. Skype
  6. Phone
  7. Face to Face Meetings (What are those?)

The fact is that I use a wide variety of strategies to keep in touch with a large network. No, I am not always successful in following up with every person in my network, each and every day of the week. The idea of still being human has crossed my mind a few times. However, I believe that social networking is all about communicating with a broader audience, and then leveraging that audience to create deeper professional relationships with more people.

That to me is the biggest reason why in today’s society there are more millionaires than ever before. We are no longer reliant upon making a living with people who are close enough to drive to in 1 hour. Instead, the world is our business. Literally and figuratively it can transform every part of what we do. So use this secret sales prospecting tool to build your business.