Thank You! How often do you say it? Because it is the end of the week, I assume that you have met a number of amazing people and that is why today instead of talking about relationships we will instead have a sample thank you letter to send out to your network. You can put this out on your wall on Facebook, send it to a contact on LinkedIn, email it to someone, or for those who want a touch of simplicity, mail it.

The letter below is intended to help you start up a relationship with someone and not necessarily get you more business. That will be a result of the relationship that you build over time.

Intended Recipient,

I want to thank you for (your great advice/the interesting conversation at XYZ networking event/your referral/connecting with me on LinkedIn)! Looking at your (profile, website, brochure) I noticed that you are working on some interesting (projects/ideas/etc).

Tell me more about how I can help out your business and a little more about how you help your customers. Also, how did you get started in this industry. I am always curious how people find their chosen path.

I look forward to talking with you more about (whatever they are working on at the time)! Have a prosperous day!

In today’s society we need to be more grateful in our interactions with others that we are looking work with in business. The letter here is about the other person. Feel free to change the wording and make this your own, but in the end it is not about the words, as much as the thoughts behind them.

Start connecting with people through social networking and networking with the intention to give to their business. Let this sample thank you letter be one of your many tools to make this a reality.