I recently posted an article on ezine articles about relationships in twitter. One of the items that I focused on was building relationships. That is what business is about, building profitable relationships. Social networking is just the latest tool to make our relationship building more effective for the long run.

Basically, Twitter is a way for us to connect online and through our phone with people around the world who share common goals. Social networking is a great way to do this time and time again.

Keep listening to your followers and making the site a two way site that brings you closer to your goals by bringing those around you closer to theirs. That is how true relationships are built on Twitter. You find a new insight into a prospect and explore that insight together. Then you discuss something amazing with a client that opens up their view of the world.

Twitter helps you through the simple tools of Retweet, responses, and also lists. However, just retweeting alone will not be enough to help build your relationships. Building a relationship is not about tools, but about how you use them. Basically, it will be up to you to build your relationship effectively.

So use twitter for building a relationship by using your talents in communication that you used prior to twitter and you will be fine. After all, building relationships on Twitter is what the site is about in the first place.