Do you have start pages across the web for your business? Better question is do you know what start pages are? Start pages are a mix of profile and news that provide a home base for people to learn more about you. For those who are not able to create a website, or want to create a website start pages offer a solution to this dilemma.

Now, I will not tell you that start pages are the end all, be all in profiles for your business. However, they are a launching pad. Plus, it is better to have some type of destination out there than none.

The other item is that start pages are great for directing traffic to your blog or website. Take Google Profile for example. I am able to list as many websites as possible on this site. Now, because this is Google they can also display your profile in searches. Little extra from search gods at the Googleplex.

4 Start Pages

1. Google- While I already mentioned them a little above let me go through the pros of having a Google Profile. (Note: With The New Google+ The Google Profiles Have Been Changed. You Can Now See It In Your Google+ Account) 1. It’s Free! 2. It’s Free and Easy! 3. It’s a great place for a short bio and a redirect to your blog or website. Actually all start pages listed here are free, but the great thing about Google’s is that it is connected with everything else that you get from Google.

2. Yahoo Pulse-For those of you, like me who have had a Yahoo account since the mid-90’s please do not forget to leverage that account with a Yahoo Pulse account. In a lot of ways this is more advanced than the other profiles listed, because they have everything from a profile overview to info section to blog to applications and guest book. However, since Yahoo banned me from Answers last year for putting my blog as a resource to a social networking business question I am not their biggest fan!

Note 4/15/13- Yahoo Pulse is now Yahoo Profiles.

3. Pageflakes- My biggest challenge with this start page is that it reminds me of a glorified Google reader with a to-do button and some social media feeds. However, a bigger challenge is that they do not even have Twitter connect. For any of these start pages, you need to prove that you are the place to go to direct your prospects journey through the web. If they do not even have Twitter connect then how can I know they will do a good job promoting me in other areas. Small thing, but big implications.

4. Netvibes-I have never really used Netvibes before researching for this post. Sure I have heard of them often as I go around the web, however, they were just one of the few that escaped my grasp for adding a profile or using it as a social networking tool. Overall I liked the site, including the moveable boxes. At the same time, I am not sure if they are experiencing some type of maintenance or outage, because my Facebook connect would not work and they could not find any articles in the feed for this blog. If someone could verify that it was not just me that would be appreciated.

Now that you are a start pages ninja go forth and set up these start pages to help promote your business.