Reading Is Bad For Social Networking Entrepreneurs

A Token Pic For Those Who Hate Reading

Is reading really not good for you? Like what the heck man! What needs be the reading folk? It no help you vocabulary or make smart. OK! maybe, I might have over emphasized that last point, but I am pretty sure that you are probably wondering what the heck is he up to again?

Well, it is very simple. I am an entrepreneur who is always alert to cool business toys, ideas, and such. In fact, it can sometimes drive me crazy once an idea gets in the noggin. That is actually why when I need to be super-focused I stop reading things. So, when I say that this is according to new research, I mean the experimentation that I do on myself for the benefit of social networkers everywhere. It is research of a sort!

Here is the problem with reading new information for a social networking entrepreneur.

Those darn books give you ideas! Can you actually stand that? They make you think!

In fact, yesterday I was reading a new white paper that Aweber put out with Marketing Sherpa and deep within their 36 page report they actually gave me a gem of an idea. Now, here is the challenge. I am not sure if I will have time to do this, but because this is definitely a Christmas idea the good Jew that I am says go for it now! However, if I do have time I will have to blame them. Well, not blame, but partially credit.

Actually, I am thinking about this idea. To calm your nerves I want to let you know that it relates to email marketing and conversions. Geez, Andy! Real surprise that a white paper from Aweber would give you an idea about email marketing. But seriously, it really did.

And therein lies the problem. I read something and have a natural impulse to put it into action. Sometimes, I resist the urge, but the reality is that good ideas are to steal a phrase from Seth Godin Ideaviruses! They just dominate your thoughts, invade your imaginations as you see how you will make this dream reality!

For me, there is nothing more dangerous and as amazingly powerful as ideas. That is actually why I read. Sometimes, I am in a rut and just figure out something awe-inspiring in the midst of a boring ebook or blog post. The rest of the information might be ho-hum as I breeze through. However, there is that one moment as I read that information where the lights go off and twenty browser tabs later I have the beginning of something great. That happened to me in the midst of an ok post a few days when they gave an email marketing idea that just took me away from some things I was currently doing. By the way, it is working out great so far, however, I am keeping this one close to the vest until I have more research to report back.

In fact, that is part of why I write on my blog. For me it is not enough to just have the idea, but sometimes as I go through my guinea pig phase it helps me to flesh out the idea on my blog (Note: For new readers that is when I subject myself to the rigors of a new and dangerous experiment in internet marketing, social networking, and search engine optimization).

So dere! Hey dere! How dis relate dere to social networking dere! Well, the reality is that the information that I discuss on my blog does not just appear out of thin air. Except of course the information that I devised out of thin air. (Personal note gone public: Good blog post for the future. Creating blog posts out of thin air. The science, the magic, the alchemy).

Instead, it generally comes to me from experimentation and reading. Lots and lots of reading. I probably read at least 3-5 blog posts every day along with 1 e-book as well. That was actually the best part of joining the War Room on Warrior Forum. Someone is always sharing something amazing there.

The culmination of that knowledge generally finds its way onto this blog in some shape or form.

In conclusion, I hate reading, not because it makes me smart! No that would just be a cop out! Nah! I hate reading, because it gives me ideas that spur the imagination to do more! What other reason could there be for hating reading!

Slightly Sincerely,

Andy Nathan