What was that? You want to grow your small business but freak out at the thought of managing 23 things all at once?!

Well, dear reader… hypnosis got you. (if you’re unfamiliar with the urban dictionary, that means hypnosis has your back)

As small business owners who have many things to manage at the same time, it can feel like you are operating in a giant vortex at times, can’t it? In a world that is supposed to connect us instantly, I would venture a guess you feel rather disconnected, don’t you?

Now, growing your small business is a lot like a new year’s resolution if you go about it with sheer willpower alone. What I mean by that is I bet you have known somebody (or gasp!, maybe even you) who has pumped themselves up to do something great this new year. Rock and roll, let’s go to the gym, stop smoking, take my business to the mid six figure mark and beyond, moon-walking the entire way whilst I effortlessly float through my life.

(you can do that by the way… it does take work though and a bit of generative hypnosis)

By February, if you make it that long, you are burnt out and commence undermining yourself for falling short of your goals. Ok, ok, so you have heard this all before, you say?

Dear reader, please, for the sake of your livelihood, be careful of saying “I know that” right now.

So, in what ways can you improve your strategy whilst keeping balance AND living up to your own realistic expectations of yourself and/or your business?

Thank you for asking… hypnosis got you J

For starters, you can grow your corpus callosum (it’s that place between the hemispheres of both halves of your brain… tickling your brain indeed)

When both sides of your brain are balanced, your life automagically seems to balance itself like magic.

First, first grab your nose with one hand, and grab your right ear with the other hand.

Next, switch your hands so your nose hand is grabbing your ear and your ear hand is grabbing your nose. Keep switching it up until you laugh even a little bit. (Yes even I felt weird doing this activity at first and I’m the hypnotist! But it works)

If you were unwilling to do even that small activity, how in the world do you expect to ever grow yourself and your business?

Finally, we’ll go through one more mini exercise, which is like giving yourself a shot of super mojomatic juice (relax.. it’s legal folks)

Here’s how:

1.       Write down where you’re at right now (be honest with yourself)

2.       Write down where you want to go (be vivid, describe multiple senses)

Part of you is probably shouting something like “Oh my gosh, whatya thinkin”

That’s where this dynamic mental imagery comes into play.

1.       Imagine a bubble out in front of you with a magnet inside

2.       Allow this magnet to pull out of you any stagnant or stuck energy from that part of you that is freaking out

3.       Ask that part what purpose the freaking out to freak in serves

4.       Reflect on the message for a moment

5.       As the bubble fills up with the dark energy, shine your light by creating another bubble right next to the first bubble with a golden shining magnet inside

6.       Draw all of YOUR power out of the first bubble into the second bubble and allow the other energy to remain in the first bubble

7.       Take a giant pin and pop the first bubble allowing all the energy in the first bubble to float effortlessly back to whoever or whatever it came from

8.       Reintegrate with the second bubble appreciating yourself for having created such a magic moment and feel yourself in your body

Pretty powerful when you allow yourself to surrender to the moment in that activity, isn’t it?

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