In order to find out more information about the webinar today please register to the right of this post on the sign up form under “Learn how to make moneyfrom our free WordPress”

I am putting on the last touches for the free upcoming WordPress webinar today, June 3rd at noon.Getting prepped and ready to help you become a WordPress aficionado.

Based on the results from the survey that we did earlier this week, I got the general consensus that a lot of people are starting from scratch or are at the beginning stages of their journey with WordPress. So, I am going to do two things in this email to get you started before you even attend the webinar if you choose to do so. Otherwise, I will be walking you through this during the webinar.

1.  I have created a free video about setting up your wordpress hosting through Godaddy once you have registered for the webinar.

This video will help you set up your WordPress hosting, which is something that you will need in order to have your own self-hosted WordPress blog. Without going into too much detail before the webinar, let’s just say that all businesses need to have a self-hosted blog.

Also, since I am not only a Godaddy user, but also a partner with them I was able to provide you with the following option for registering a new domain that I want to extend to all readers for this blog.

2.  I want to make sure that you are able to build your email list a little quicker. So I am going to tell you to use the video that you are receiving here for free as your own giveaway, or just a special gift to give to friends who will always be asking you about how to set up WordPress hosting. This way you can give this away for free. The only requirement is that you are not allowed to edit this video.

Now, on to the webinar information for those of you who might not know where it is hiding under a pile of other emails.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Free WordPress Webinar At Noon! If you have not done so already, please remember to register. Thanks!