Since I am doing the No More Friends Networking Event tomorrow and will discuss how to use Facebook at the event, I figured that I would be cool to go with the Theme and discuss the psychology behind Facebook friends. When I talk about this, I am talking specifically about groups and how people can connect with others who like minded interests.

Take a look at your friends on Facebook and you see a microcosm of the type of industry that you are in and what you do in business. Are you are a real estate investor? Then I will bet 10-1 odds that you have at least 5-10 friends who are real estate investors, 5 friends who are realtors, and 3 mortgage brokers. Why would make a claim like that, because that are roughly the ratios I have as an investor, and every other real estate investor that I know.

People in an industry all act similarly to each other, because there are certain personality quirks that people have to get into an industry and work in their profession. That goes for every industry.

So, why am I calling this the psychology of Facebook? Because, people in similar fields have similar mindsets, and the ability to understand those mindsets is a great way to prospect for business. Find one target, and you have the ability to find many.

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