This is a reprint of an article that I wrote about social networking strategies for MLM Social in September that I thought was great and should also be shared here on my blog.

I always look at different social networking strategies and think about how easy it is to connect, build great relationships with, and prosper from social networking. Perhaps that is why putting together a list of important social networking strategies like this one help me remember that the small things in social networking make a big difference. So here is my list in random order. Everything here is easy to do and no one item is more important than the rest.

1. Smile before you start social networking. We can tell.

2. When you first go on Facebook comment on one other person’s post first.

3. Answer one question on LinkedIn or Yahoo Answers.

4. connect with 3 people on Twitter

5. complete your profile on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

6. Join a LinkedIn group

7. Join a Facebook group/fan page

8. Tweet one great piece on information about your business every day without advertising.

9. Watch a one minute video on Youtube. If less than a minute comment on the video.

10. Promote a business partner on LinkedIn updates

11. Upload a photo from an event or product onto Flickr

12. Shoot a 12second video at (Update: 12seconds sadly closed their doors in October, but shooting a short video is still a great way to engage your customers.)

13. Read a blog post in your industry or even this article every day. (OK, this might take 2 minutes whatever)

14. Foursquare the location of your next presentation, networking event, etc

15. Post one comment on MLMSocial everyday (thought I forgot about you David! 🙂

16. Share an article every day with your network (eg. 25 Things In 25 Minutes To Help Your Business Get More Out Of Social Networking hint, hint)

17. Send a heartfelt Facebook message to a close friend/networking partner. No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

18. rate someone you know/recommend someone on MLMSocial

19. research a keyword pertinent to your business on Google Keyword Research (Google the term I just told you).

20 check your @replies on Twitter and respond to those who tweeted you.

21. Share on your wall information about someone else’s business.

22. Buy a domain name for you to start blogging.

23. Create a one minute podcast that can go out to your email list everyday.

24. Build your email list by signing up for aweber(note: affiliate).

25. Explore one new social network a day, such as Social Networking On Your Terms.

I would say more, but you need to get started today!

For more information on aweber and to learn other great social networking strategies go to: 8 Labor Saving Strategies For Labor Day