I thought this week for Guru Gushers should be a comparison of different portfolio WordPress themes. Instead of doing a video on one product, let’s compare 4 different theme developers portfolio themes. I have been looking for some great Portfolio themes for the past few months anyways. This seems like the ideal opportunity to have a head to head match of some of the best Portfolio WordPress themes around. OOH! Death Match! (See WordPress Comment System Die!)

Or Not! Maybe a simple explanation of each portfolio WordPress theme. I like that idea better. Death matches are no place for portfolio WordPress themes. Or are they? Duh! Duh! Done!

Portfolio WordPress Themes

elegant themesElegant Themes-I know we discussed the power of Elegant themes during an earlier Guru Gushers. They have some nice portfolio WordPress themes, so let’s revisit them for a quick sec. Some of my favorite portfolio themes on Elegant themes are Flexible, Nova, ePhoto, and eGallery. Check out the link above to learn more about Elegant Themes. Ooh! So dainty and elegant!


WPZOOM - Premium WordPress ThemesWPZoom has a number of themes that work well with Portfolio WordPress themes, primarily I like their Photoland Theme, Gallery Theme, and Vimes Theme. These themes are a bit on the “out there” side, so make sure that they match your needs. However, they have all the standard features you would expect from a WordPress theme to customize each theme to your own specifications.


Woo Themes has over 94 themes to choose from, including some amazing WordPress themes such as Scrollider, Olya, Simplicity, and Aperture.  Scrollider and Olya are both responsive themes with slider features. Simplicity also has a slider, but is not responsive. A responsive theme means it works on all screen sizes from smartphones to tablets to computers. The first two themes are great for a mobile audience.

Photography WordPress Themes- This theme developer works specifically for photographers, as you might have guessed from the name of the site. They have 15 preset theme styles under one theme. This way photographers and artists can display their work in one spot.  The other benefit of buying this premium theme is the Photocrati foundation provides $5000 grants to photographers working on humanitarian and environmental projects around the globe. The site also has built-in eCommerce solutions for those looking to sell their wares and is a responsive theme.


Please note that I do have promotional relationships with all of these sites. However, I am also a consumer for Elegant Themes and WooCommerce (A WooTheme).

So, there you have all four themes. Four different Theme builders duking it out for the best portfolio theme. However, their opinion does not matter. Yours does.  What are your thoughts on the portfolio WordPress themes we showcased today?