Pinterest Marketing Tutorial

I want to do a Pinterest marketing tutorial, since this site is becoming hot for small businesses. This pin board site has gone from virtual obscurity to darling status in the past six months. I think it is time to discuss how to use the site with the Pinterest Marketing Tutorial video that you will see below.

Pinterest Marketing Tutorial

Pinterest Marketing Tutorial Lowdown

The cool thing about this social network is that it is so new for most users that we are going into this network with the same level of knowledge. That means with a fresh social network you can easily build your connections and not have to worry about coming into a fully developed network where the connections have already found people they want to network with thus avoiding your products. This is a network you can grow with to build profitable relationships.

Now that you have had a chance to review the Pinterest marketing tutorial, how are you planning on using this for your business?




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15 thoughts on “Pinterest Marketing Tutorial”

  1. Andy, Thanks for the tutorial you have posted. This is very useful to those who never tried Pinterest yet. I’ve learned about this a month ago and it help me a lot.

  2. Really enjoyed this post Andy. I’m on Pinterest but so far I’ve just been trying to fill in some images and haven’t had a chance to start exploring other boards much, but I am very visual so this is really fun! My niche is personal growth so yesterday I took half a dozen images I’d used with favorite article – added quotes on the images along with my blog URL – and posted those on the “My Business” board – I was stunned that within minutes I received a long list of people who’d repinned those images!

    BTW, yesterday I read a CNN article questioning whether the whole Pinterest concept might be illegal because people are posting photos like crazy and in many cases are breaking copywrite laws. Can’t imagine how’d they address that, but we’ll see.

  3. As a newbies who defined the blogging society worth way of gaining everything, This tutorial video will surely help to me in improving my ideas and tricks when it comes to marketing…

  4. BuySellWordpress

    As far as I noticed Pinterest is becoming more and more popular all over the Internet, maybe because this i s something new for everyone

  5. This is an excellent tutorial for those people who don’t know anything about Pinterest at all and would like to find out all its benefits. Thanks)

  6. Hi Andy! Thanks for proving us this kind of information. It is very useful to those who never tried Pinterest. Thanks for the tutorial and i will definitely check this a soon as post my comment here. I really appreciate it.

    1. Ynna,

      Apologize for the late reply. I missed your comment earlier. Have you had a chance to check out Pinterest?


  7. I still haven’t gotten to grips with pinterest, but it looks pretty useful, I think that may be enough to entice me into it.

  8. I hear you can galvanise a great deal from traffic from Pinterest, which is why I’m currently taking a liking to it. Anyway, cool tutorial.

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