Olympic Social Media Regulations Gone Mad?

The Olympic games is never without controversy, and this year is no exception. With empty seats, disqualified athletes and drug use insinuations, the internet has been buzzing with Olympic chat.

But be careful what you tweet.

Despite this controversy being hotly discussed across social media platforms, due to sponsorship restrictions, there are some shocking facts about what you (and our star athletes) can and cannot tweet, as discussed by this interactive infographic, courtesy of Yes Gifts.

No athlete can tweet about non-Olympic sponsors, in fact Dr Dre’s ambush marketing for his headphone range ( he gave free headphones to athletes to wear) saw some athletes such as the UK’s Laura Robson and Jack Butland have to remove tweets speaking of their excitement over the gift.

Not only are athletes restricted from tweeting about non-sponsors, fans themselves should be wary of posting pictures of the event. Legislation has restricted people from being able to post any pictures of events in action, so woe betide you if you upload that shot of Usain Bolt crossing the finish line!

Check out this infographic from Yes Gifts which showcases some of the more ridiculous legislation and facts about the impact that the sponsors have over the Olympics.

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Lianne Froggatt is Digital Communications Manager at Yes Gifts, a UK Promotional Gifts Distributor. Find @YesGifts on Twitter and let us know what you think about all this!

Targeted Web Traffic Whisperer At Large-Find Out 5 Ways To Catch The Traffic!

Everyone whispers in your ear on forums, social networks, chat rooms, and the like that you need targeted web traffic. No 100,000 Adf.ly visits from Mars, No Fiverr Gigs for 10,000 visits from the same IP address to your site in 2.3 seconds, No Spamming the world for your website. Instead, you are told that targeted web traffic is crucial if you want to monetize your site in the long run.

So, how in the world do you do that? Well, you have a rare opportunity today to speak with the traffic whisperer! Here are a few places where you can get your targeted web traffic and convert them too! Double Whammy! (FTC :p disclousure: I do not promise people will make money.) This will be a continuation of the 5 Steps To Targeted Website Traffic I did in May.

Now, the big question on everyone’s mind. Uh, Andy! How do we do this?

Glad you asked that surprising question, because in an un-related news I want to talk about 5 steps you can take to generate more traffic for your website.

Targeted Web Traffic Whisperer 5 Step

targeted web traffic

1. Social Media-I have not spent the last 2 and a half years of this blog blithering away about social media to not include it as a way to get targeted traffic to your blog. In fact, aside from that tiny little site called Google, the vast majority of my traffic comes from social media.

In order of traffic as of today, it was Twitter, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, and then Facebook to round out the top 4 spots. So, how do you get traffic from Social Media?

You stay active. Engage your followers. Talk with your Friends & Fans on Facebook, and stumble others posts on Stumbleupon. I make it a point to go through my Facebook lists a few times a week to comment on people’s posts. In one year, I will not get through all of my friends, but will hit about 40-50% of them. That is huge in and of itself. Those people I connected with will be more likely to show interest in my blog posts and connect with me on different offers as well.

2. Paid Traffic- For the longest time, I swore off paid traffic. Well, when I first started on the cookie crumble of a shoe string budget that I had, it was not so much as swore off, but did not have the funds to pay for paid traffic. I built my blog proudly on mostly free traffic methods as I started.

Content was (and still is) king in my traffic driving strategies.

However, as of late, I have come to see the benefits of driving paid targeted web traffic to your site. To me though, I do not want to send that traffic to my blog. I want to send it to my squeeze and sales pages. That way, people can sign up for my lists and buy my products quicker and more easily than ever. More on the list building in a little bit. It also means I can help them return to my various sites and blogs more often, which makes building targeted web traffic easier.

The point is that there are some paid traffic models that are just superb for driving traffic. I am still doing a few tests, so I do not want to let the cat out of the bag yet. However, this is something that I will do a full blog post on in the next few weeks.

3. List Building– It has been a bit. I just mentioned how paid traffic is great for driving. Over the past few months I have had a good amount of success with driving people to squeeze pages from my blog, paid traffic sources, and social media.

I have found that webinars are an amazing way to not only build the list, but also bring people together so we can discuss different topics and monetize those groups with amazing offers that are chock full of value.

The only idea that the money is in the list is more true than ever. I ignored this early on in my internet marketing business at my own peril. I should have been list building from the beginning as I am now. Live and learn I guess.

4. Repeat Visitors– New blog traffic is sexy. Repeat visitors are even sexier. It means less time marketing and more time converting. Let’s be honest! Anyone can go to your site once. It takes a believer to go there twice. That means that people who return know what to expect from you in regards to your blog, website, squeeze page, and sales pages.

Repeat visitors are also the definition of targeted web traffic. If they came to site once and said it “$%#& shyte” then you know they will not come back the next time with open arms. Instead, those who saw something awesome in your site will return and want to learn more about your business. Spend more time perusing the site and eventually become a client.

I call that good ole fashioned targeted web traffic!

5. Keyword Content– 90% of all blog posts I write have a double audience. First, I want my live, human audience to enjoy reading the content.

A. Because I am funny…laugh gosh darn it! Laugh!

B. Because happy readers make the world go round.

However, I also want the elephant in the room to like my article as well. That unspoken beast who either makes your site a demi-god or shrivels you away into a plastic cup holding internet marketer signs begging for pennies by the train station. Is this even a choice?

When I write a post. Even this one, I want to look at a few things to make sure that my content gets a little bit more attention from Google.

A. I make sure that my keyword is in the title of the page.

B. I make sure to sprinkle my keyword throughout the post. Not enough to be annoying, and not too little to be oblivious.

Just Right!

C. I make sure that the description and tags have this keyword in here as well.

When everything works to plan, I will get into the top 10 of a keyword in about 3 months or less on average. Most of the posts that I get in the top 10 I completely forgot writing about, by the time they are in Google’s good graces. It does take time to get going. Once that happens, good stuff is bound to happen.

So, these are just 5 steps to getting more targeted web traffic. If you want to learn other targeted web traffic strategies check out our free webinars below.

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Looking forward to sharing other targeted web traffic systems with you tomorrow on our next webinar.

Guru Gusher: Fiverr Graphic Gigs

I decided to gush over a Fiverr gig I started recently. It is for those who are looking to touch up their graphics on their site. It is something that I have done over the past few years for my own business, and just wanted a few bucks for gigs that I could purchase on Fiverr as well.

This is not world class graphic design, just basic edits to make your site look nicer.

Guru Gushers Fiverr Graphic Gig

Guru Gusher Fiverr Gig Rating

1. quality-pretty good

2. creep/shiver factor-guaranteed by Fiverr to reduce some of the creepys and the crawleys.

3. capability-Yes! This is even an express gig. Ooh! La! La!

4. likeability-you don’t like me? Sniff! Sniff!

5. Does it say what is says it will do-Yes! I will edit your graphic for you. Do you need it to be transparent? Is there a line that just does not belong there? What about an old tag line that needs to be replaced? Does that graphic on your site look like it is from the 1980’s? Ooh! All this and a little bit more!

6. support-as little as possible

7. hard upsells- absolutely! There is a $10 gig, so I can tweet out your brand spanking new graphics to my 67,000 followers.  Deal with it! 🙂

Final ranking! With no bias at all, I give this a 12 out of 10. Ok! Ok! Maybe an 11. This is a pretty simple gig. If you have a graphic that just needs to be touched up let me know. Thanks!