Over the past few days, I have had the chance to use the OmniStar Affiliate Program Manager. For small business owners looking to expand their reach through affiliate marketing, this software is an easy way to start building your affiliate presence.

The power of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful ways to build a business on the internet today. Instead of competing for attention by yourself against the barrage of information on the internet, leverage those in your network to sell more and make money for your affiliates and yourself.

Affiliate marketing works, because people in your network are interested in what you sell. However, they do not have time to create the system and products you do. With the right audience, they can help both of you become more profitable.

What is Omnistar Affiliate Program Manager?

The Omnistar Affiliate Program Manager (OSI Affiliate) helps turn the power of affiliate marketing into reality. The system helps businesses turn their network into a sales force with the software to track sales, market the business, and increase your affiliate network.

Here is a quick video tutorial to give you an idea of how the affiliate program manager works.

5 Cool Features of the OmniStar Affiliate Program Manager

1. Easy Set Up Process

They were not lying when they said it was an Easy Wizard Set Up! The process to set up an affiliate program takes about 10-15, including inserting the code they provide into my WordPress website.

Additionally, adding the creatives for affiliate promotion in the marketing tools section is simple as well. They have step by step instructions of different options and sizes that they want included in your program.

FireShot Screen Capture #255 - 'OSI Affiliate Software' - andynathan_myomnistar_com_admin

2. Marketing Tools

My favorite section was the marketing tools. While most affiliate management systems, acknowledge that businesses need to add creatives (banners, emails, social media, etc), Omnistar took this concept to a new level.

Their simple to use program, even allows affiliates to insert lightboxes on their website with the affiliate program using only your program image for guidance.

FireShot Screen Capture #256 - 'Marketing Tools' - andynathan_myomnistar_com_admin_promotional_methods_php

3. Integrations

One of the things that I always look at, when evaluating a platform is how they integrate with other platforms API. While I am not a techno geek, I do appreciate the fact that the various components of my marketing must work together in a cohesive whole.

Fortunately, they do work with many email service providers like MailChimp, iContact, GetResponse, and others. One thing that I was surprised was that they had not integrated with AWeber yet. Since I use them a lot, this surprised me.

However, they do integrate with PayPal. Through PayPal, I can add people to my AWeber list. Additionally, the system works well with many of the major payment gateways and e-commerce stores.

The code that you include on your website ensures that the affiliate gets credit for their referral.

FireShot Screen Capture #257 - 'Third Party Integration' - andynathan_myomnistar_com_admin_third_party_integration_php

4. Social Media Promotion

Shocking, but the social media marketer in me really likes this feature. Some of the integrations that I discussed in the previous point are for the four major social networks. By integrating these networks with OSI Affiliate, they make it easier for affiliates to promote your business through different social networks.

Since so much of today’s business works on recommendations from friends online, this is a powerful tool to help businesses improve their conversions.

Each social network is allowed one shared post to go out to affiliates. Guide your affiliates with effective updates they can post about your program.

FireShot Screen Capture #258 - 'Twitter Integration' - andynathan_myomnistar_com_admin_aff_twitterint_php

5. Reporting Features

Another great part of the OSI Affiliate is the reporting functions. You can easily track all actions your affiliates take from clicks and impressions to sales.

Understand where their traffic comes from, and how to help them develop that income stream.

FireShot Screen Capture #260 - 'Search Sales' - andynathan_myomnistar_com_admin_sales_php

6. Bonus: 2 Tier Affiliate Program

The other part of the program that is cool is that with OSI Affiliate you can have a two-tier affiliate system. This means your network can invite their network to promote your products. It expands your affiliate network and provides a potentially bigger income source.

FireShot Screen Capture #259 - 'Add Affiliate Program' - andynathan_myomnistar_com_admin_product_groups_php

Using OmniStar For Your Business

The OmniStar Affiliate Program Manager is great for businesses looking to increase their sales by leveraging through the current network of vendors, clients, and partners. This system provides a profitable way for everyone involved to make money on selling your products. Let me know if you have any further questions about the software in the comment section below. Or check out OmniStars’ website for yourself.

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