This is one of those, oh that’s interesting posts.

Twitter and NBC partnered to create the twitter tracker of the Olympics. What they have done is track what comments are made about what sports and when and then every 10 minutes the comments are updated.

What is cool about this tracker is that shows visually through pictures of different Olympic sports, which ones are being tweeted more by the size of the picture. So, Olympic curling, which must be going on while I was typing this post has 55 posts, while Alpine Skiing has only 5 posts. It tells you what is hot about the Olympics right now and what is not, so for those of you who are not watching every moment or even not watching it at all (Guilty) you can get an idea in less than 10 seconds what is going on and sound somewhat intelligent about the event.

So whether you are In America or around the world watching the games, I have included the link below for the Olympic tweet tracker, so enjoy the Olympics in fast forward and tell me what you think of this new toy.