The Olympic games is never without controversy, and this year is no exception. With empty seats, disqualified athletes and drug use insinuations, the internet has been buzzing with Olympic chat.

But be careful what you tweet.

Despite this controversy being hotly discussed across social media platforms, due to sponsorship restrictions, there are some shocking facts about what you (and our star athletes) can and cannot tweet, as discussed by this interactive infographic, courtesy of Yes Gifts.

No athlete can tweet about non-Olympic sponsors, in fact Dr Dre’s ambush marketing for his headphone range ( he gave free headphones to athletes to wear) saw some athletes such as the UK’s Laura Robson and Jack Butland have to remove tweets speaking of their excitement over the gift.

Not only are athletes restricted from tweeting about non-sponsors, fans themselves should be wary of posting pictures of the event. Legislation has restricted people from being able to post any pictures of events in action, so woe betide you if you upload that shot of Usain Bolt crossing the finish line!

Check out this infographic from Yes Gifts which showcases some of the more ridiculous legislation and facts about the impact that the sponsors have over the Olympics.

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Lianne Froggatt is Digital Communications Manager at Yes Gifts, a UK Promotional Gifts Distributor. Find @YesGifts on Twitter and let us know what you think about all this!