My first blog post seems like it was written in a void. That is because it never got traction on social media or on Google search. Thankfully, I learned a lot from those early posts about how to write effective SEO content. To help you, I put these SEO content tips in one place, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. Instead, you can make a whole new series of mistakes on your path to success. Let me know if you have any questions about the 9 SEO content tips we discuss in this article.

9 SEO Content Tips

1.     Include the keyword phrase in the title

Giving titles to the blogs and posts gives power of influence to the writing. Hence, Google search engines provide accessibility to put a relevant title for your blogs or articles to give it weight. Hence, keywords in the title show the portion of effective writing in terms of effective SEO content. Moreover, to attract your readers’ attention, use odd numbers in the title like in this article.

2.     Use your keyword phrase in Sub-headings

It is quite easy and useful for the readers and for Google ranking when you split your article by giving it sub-headings. This kind of articles grabs the concentration of your readers because of sub-headings with it that gives no difficulty while reading. Most of the effective readers just scan the piece of writing on the Internet, therefore if writing has sub-headings with it, it would read by the readers swiftly. Google search engines appreciate the form of sub-headings since it also scans with the selected keywords.

3.     Improve your Search Engine Optimization strategy by using your keyword phrase every 150-200 words

Do not use your keywords again and again while writing your article or blog, since it gives the impression to Google search engines that you are overfilling your keywords in your writing. At times people assume it as spam, therefore avoid stuffing keywords. An effective writing use SEO efficiently that comprises of keyword phrase with every 150-200 words.

Note: The original article did not have advice based on the Google Penguin and Panda updates. If your keyword does not fit organically in these posts then don’t do it. Just because you can use the word SEO content does not mean you should.

4.     Make sure your keywords are in the different H1, H2, and H3 tags

If you want to show Google how your content is relevant to users, then you need to make sure that the keywords you use are placed in relevant points throughout your article. While having the keyword every 150-200 words are one part of the equation, the other uses the keyword in the highlighted areas of your text like the different header tags.

5.     Use pictures and the “Alt Text” option

Google search engine scrutinize the related pictures that are incorporated in the article. Therefore, it uses “Alt text” descriptions to do this. It also examines pictures via Google image in the same way like Pinterest. When someone clicks or zoom the image, it quickly gives access to its related article, web page, or blog that has this particular image.

6.     Add italics to your SEO strategy

Keyword phrases must be highlighted with any kind of attractions like italics. After every 150 words, writers use keywords that must be highlighted with italics so that it can be accessible to anyone. Another perspective is that when Google search engines examine your article, they take some exceptional reminders of highlighted words. It is not necessary that only italics can be used as an attractive piece but you can also use bold features and keywords to recognize keywords from loads of words.

7.     Use your keyword phrase in the last sentence of your article

As you mentioned your keywords in the first sentence of your article, same goes with the last sentence of the article, it also needs keyword phrases. Just think about an SEO article that has title, headings, and sub-headings but does not contain the last dose for the reader that is really needed by every article. Therefore, the first and last part of the article must be promising and effective.

8.     Make your keyword phrase a Clickable link to a related article or product

Clickable link with a keyword in an article gives heavyweight to the article. Google search appreciates this kind of abilities. Mostly it comes in the start or end of the article because these kinds of links come at the bottom of the post. For sure, a good article anticipates suggestions and for that reason, some links are endorsed to them but clickable links also contains keywords matter with them.

9.     Make sure SEO content is easily sharable

Always make your content copy sharable to everyone since the more Google search can access your work, the more your website or your work will get ranks. Plug-ins is considered as easy feature for this need.

Now it is the time for you to choose which one is more important to you…

SEO Content Final Thoughts

Effective SEO content can be written without any difficulty by means of nine guidelines or tips that will make SEO content effective. For instance, by using keywords in your paper title, by making it attractive uses bold or italic features so that when anyone can access your keywords while reviewing. Use your keywords after every 125 to 150 words and most important make your paper sharable to everyone so that it can get highest ranks from any other titles of website.

About the author:

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Note: 8/9/19 Due to this article being outdated, we made a number of relevant updates to the content to make sure it conforms with current guidelines.