There are some new Youtube creative commons features listed on the site that I have to share like a cat video meowing through the night! Youtube creative commons is definitely a game changer, considering that 35 hours of video are posted on the site every minute. This could be the largest library of creative commons in the world in a very shYoutube creative commonsort period of time.

So, first for those unsure of what are Youtube creative commons. In their own words, “Some content creators choose to release their work under a Creative Commons license. YouTube allows users to mark their videos as Creative Commons. These videos are then accessible to every YouTube user for use in their own videos via the YouTube Video Editor.”

Essentially, Youtube is now telling us which videos users elect to be used in whichever way, shape, or form that the rest of the Youtube community wants. Want to put your own branding on a great video. If it has Youtube creative commons you can do that.

Think of the possibilities. Imagine a tutorial video with Youtube creative commons. You can go into Youtube and make it your own, so you have a video tutorial series with your own branding and everything without even putting out any content yourself. Cut the work, and get the benefit.

Creative Commons are nothing new, but the ability to find them at will on the largest video sharing site in the world will change the world of video. This is great news for a growing crop of content creators who need to keep up with video creation and distribution. It is at your fingertips now.

With that in mind, keep in mind these tips when using Youtube Creative Commons.

Youtube Creative Commons Tips

1. You will be editing through the Youtube editor, so keep that in mind for re-using the videos.

2. Even though you do not have to, it is polite to refer back to the original work. Not always necessary, but a good thing to do.

3. Use these as freebies to entice people to learn more about your own business. Leverage other people’s work, so you can work smarter, not harder.

Since, this is still a new development from Youtube, I am also curious how you will use Youtube creative commons for your business.