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As you might have guessed from the title of this blog post, things are changing. And they are definitely changing for the better. While some people have already heard about this, I wanted to make it official on my blog that I will be the new Director of Internet Marketing for Connection Victory, Inc.

Connection Victory LogoLisa M. Blacker, President of Connection Victory, Inc. and I have been working on various projects together for the past two years and we decided it would be better to make our arrangement official.

Just in case you don’t know Lisa, let me briefly introduce her to you.  She has worked in business consulting and social media services directly since she and I met more than two years ago at Chicago Underground Social Media Society, which Lisa now runs. She founded Friends from the Underground, a group of entrepreneurs and small business principals focused on personal growth and business development.

Her earlier career included public relations for Caterpillar, marketing for Fuji Photo Film USA and The Prudential, and several related consulting engagements. Lisa was elected to leadership positions in various not-for-profit organizations where she was key in marketing and major fundraising campaigns.

What does this mean for you?

Simply, through Connection Victory we are able to offer a wider array of services and the ability to execute on those services sooner and more effectively. I personally have realized that it is far better to work with a dynamic team to accomplish more for clients than I could do on my own.

What will be some of the changes and some of the similarities for you?

First, because Lisa and I separately offered several different and many similar services, we are merging the good, mixing up the so-so, and tossing the bad aside like a skunk ready to spray. We offer integrated marketing solutions, business consulting, and networking all with an emphasis on Your Business Victory, One Connection at a Time (SM). We are looking to provide the absolute best to help you achieve your business goals.  You will be seeing some changes in the next few weeks on this site and on ConnectionVictory.Com (which is under construction) that should knock your socks off, unless you are wearing sandals.

Second, I will continue to be working on this blog. In fact, I have a cool development that I will be bringing up later on in the week that will be extending how this blog will continue to tip the scale of pure awesomeness in social networking.

Third, while SmartAtTheStart.com will continue to exist as a company separate from Connection Victory, I have not yet decided what will become of the site. All services on the site right now are still up to date, but will be changing shortly.

Fourth, this new business arrangement will not affect MarketLately.com, the new Social Networking and Marketing membership site that I am setting up with Josh Alexander right now.

Fifth, because I know a blog post can not answer all questions for all readers, please feel free to schedule a free 30 minute appointment with someone on the Connection Victory team by pushing the button below.  That way, we may answer your questions about my new business relationship with Connection Victory, Inc. and how we can help your business with all aspects of social networking/marketing (search engine optimization, video marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, event marketing, affiliate marketing, blog/website creation, or other internet marketing needs) or business start-up and development consulting.

Looking forward to speaking with you more about your internet marketing needs!

Andy Nathan

Director of Internet Marketing

Connection Victory, Inc.


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