Have you taken a look at the new Pagelines DMS theme? This is a free WordPress theme that is just awesome! DMS is a fully customizable theme that works like the premium themes like iThemes Builder. However, DMS is a free theme with responsive design included. Below is the video I took navigating the admin part of the site.

Pagelines DMS Video Walkthrough

Pagelines DMS Pro And Cons

Now that we walked through how to use this theme, let’s talk about how the WordPress theme can be used for your site. What are the pros and cons of DMS in other words.

Pagelines DMS Pros

  1. This is one of the easiest themes to configure. Drag and dropPagelines DMS Drag And Drop technology that can be used by anyone. I love all the different features you can add to different sections of the site. You determine how you want your site to look.
  2. Some of the design elements in this theme are amazing. You can create an ultra-modern site, and make it look professionally done as well.
  3. While there is a professional paid version, the bulk of the features on this theme are free.  Equivalent themes to this go for around $100-$200 or more.

Pagelines DMS Cons

  1. Why does the theme editor only work in Google Chrome? I understand that Chrome is a good browser, but not understanding why this does not work in Firefox and Internet Explorer as well.
  2. Some of the changes on the site are not intuitive, so you might be a bit lost. I had trouble changing the header size, and had to call a friend to find out how it works. Placed a post in the forums as well, and found out that I was not alone there.
  3. The theme does have a few limitations, so if you want really customized work you might still need to speak with a developer.  DMS covers basic changes that most site owners need, but coding is required for a few odds and ends to tie it together.

I am impressed by the new Pagelines DMS. Get the theme here.  Let me know what you think of Pagelines DMS in the comments below?