I got an invite this morning to request to join the new LinkedIn profile the social network is launching shortly. Well, actually what I received was a request for me to request an invite for the new LinkedIn profile. Sounded better the first way. Anyways, this is a walk-through of what the new LinkedIn profile will look like in upcoming weeks.

New LinkedIn Profile Walk-Through

New LinkedIn Profile In Beta

From what I saw here were the three biggest changes to the new LinkedIn profile:

1. They are stepping up the activity section of the profile by making it more prominent. LinkedIn has been moving in that direction for a few months now, and this looks like the next step in a social network determined to be more than a social networking resume.

2. Added stats will help users understand how they have grown their network in the past. Analyzing where their new connections find them will help everyone understand how to create duplicate connections in the future.

3. Connect with your social network is easier than ever on LinkedIn. They added what reminds me of a Facebook Fan Page list of faces to peruse. You can scroll over the faces to connect with different people in your social network.

Also, while this was not a change in the new LinkedIn profile I really like how people can vote on your skills and expertise. This feature was installed about a month ago. A good move, because it is easier to do versus recommendation letters, so more people vote yes on someone’s skill set.

I think the new changes are pretty good from what they showed in the preview. The changes are also, not life-altering in what they added. A few tweaks here and there to pretty the site up for users. What do you think of the new LinkedIn profile?