A little late today in my post, but this is a good one about the new Google Plus Fan Pages. Google finally released their long awaited pages to the world. While the Google Plus Fan Pages do not look complete that is why you have to admire Google Plus. Release, receive complaints, and then perfect. Items, such as the changing the photo size and other features and not allowing visitors to post on your page really do not help(Note: Jeff Bullas had a great post on the pros and cons of the new Google Plus Fan Pages).

Google Plus Fan Page Knee By Knee (Step By Step)

 Google Plus Fan Pages Review

The coolest thing that I saw as I did the review was that Google plus actually included a separate Google+ account within your traditional Google+ account just like Facebook did. What they stopped short of, just like Facebook, was allowing fan pages to reach out to people and connect them. If it is a different identity, why not completely recognize that?

The other item was you can now have a Google Hangout specifically for your adoring fans. So, if you are not connected with someone on your personal page you can now connect with them on Google Hangout for a quick chat. For businesses, imagine doing group sessions with specific fans on your Google Hangout page.

With that, I am curious to hear your insights into how Google Plus Fan Pages will change the game for your business on Google Plus? It is too early for me to get a full picture of how to use Google Plus fan pages, because the Google API’s need to be created to make it useful.

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