In continuing with the season of change theme that we had yesterday on this blog, I want to address the new Google Analytics. If confused by the season of change go to the Season of Social Networking Upheaval.

Otherwise, take a look at the video below for what I see that is really great about the newly formatted Google Analytics.

New Google Analytics Walkthrough

As mentioned in the video, this is not the first time we have discussed using Google Analytics. The last time we did a blog post about this we talked about incorporating it into your WordPress blog. To find out more information about that post go to Google Analytics WordPress Plugin.

When going through your analytics for your site you can learn a lot about where you get the traffic and how to make it a repeatable event. After enough study, you can start getting heaps of traffic from different sources.

For those who do not have a Google analytics account please set it up, so I do not have to hear you say I do not know how many visitors I had this month. Not acceptable. You now know how to use the new Google Analytics.