Does anyone remember the myers-briggs personality types? I am by no way an expert on the myers-briggs personality types, but I was thinking about how this relates to social networking. Work with me here for a sec.

Think about how we go online and search for people similar to ourselves in social networking. Whether it is prospects, referral partners, business partners, or vendors, we are looking for people who share similar traits as us. Whether this is conscious or subconscious is irrelevant, we know now that we want people who share at least similar values to us online.

Need proof? Think about your partners. Are they greedy, money grubbing people that you despise? Or are they passionate people who have a true gift for their field looking to have that light shine a little bit brighter, because they work with you.

I am not a psychologist who will pontificate on whether the Myers-Briggs personality types is correct or not. However, I will say that maybe we all need to have some type of Myers-Briggs personality test in us that determines whether someone has extroverted or introverted, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, judging or perceiving characteristics.

When it comes down to it a test will not give us all the answers that we need, but only more questions. It is our only internal compass that tell us whether we should trust someone or pass in social networking.

Now, as we wind back down to the stairways of social networking what does that have to do with me? Why am I on your blog, again Andy is another similar refrain? I swore I would never go there again might be circling round your brain. Fear not! I have an answer! OOH!

Myers-Briggs Personality Types Online

The answer is that maybe we all need to determine our own Myers-Briggs personality types when we are searching for who to work with online.

For example, you get a connection request from someone on LinkedIn. Did they even bother to send you a message saying why they wanted to connect with you? No=Introvert.

Or, you are on Facebook and this one guy only posts the kind of touchy-feely junk that you say what the heck? Intuitive!

Do you go with your gut when working with people online or evaluate every single fact until you find something wrong? Thinking versus Feeling

You want to talk to someone, but they evaluate every which way why they would want to get off Twitter to talk to you on Skype.  Judgmental much!

So, maybe we all have a little bit of the Myers-Briggs Personality Types in us when we go about our daily lives.  Just keep these ideas in mind the next time you reach out to someone to include them in your social network. What are your thoughts on Myers-Briggs personality types in social networking?