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monkey thinkingDo you ever get into a groove and you just keep posting on Twitter, because it just seems like the right thing to do everyday or share a picture on Facebook because you believe your business colleagues can not live another day without seeing this pic? I was evaluating my first quarter of the calendar year and the activities that I do that make a difference along with the ones that are not as valuable as I first believed. For those of you wondering I run my own company and yes I evaluate what I think I do right and wrong everyday.

It reminded me of the “less is more” philosophy. Some people call it K.I.S.S.(Keep It Simple Simon) as well. The point is we can sometimes get so caught up in the activities that we perform online that we forget to actually take a moment to see what is actually useful.Instead we complicate our live with past debris.

That is exactly why I decided to take a moment and reflect upon things that I could do better. The biggest item that I saw was the weekly webinars that I hold. To me, it is just too time consuming to put on every week. Plus, I feel like I am constantly late in delivering information about the webinars to people. For that reason, Josh Alexander and I decided that the webinar we are holding will be our last weekly webinar for the time being. Exactly why I gave my quarterly evaluations an Eh rating!



Plus, we felt that we wanted to be able to deliver more quality information to you that is not always possible to deliver in one hour.  I felt with these weeklies it was more pitch that content. That is not what I am about. Ah, to the best of intentions!

However, we must move forward!

Therefore, we will be holding a monthly half day online educational webinar in the near future to help business owners use internet marketing more effectively. This is still in the planning stages, but we will share more information with you soon  as when it will be happening. If we are going to educate, then we are going to go all out to get this right the first time. In the meantime, for those who are interested in the last Free Leads For Social Media weekly webinar you can join us tonight at 8 PM (Probably not going to give the recording away for free this time before anyone asks).

For the next quarter I will do my best to increase the amount of quality information that I provide along with making sure that I do not just spam with webinar after webinar. That was how I felt it had become, and I have learned over the years to trust my gut on this topic.