Dog on a Motorcycle

Motorcycle Dogs

I was with my wife last night for our date night and spotted this hilarious site. The motorcycle rider put his dog in front of him on the bike. The dog sat on his back legs and put the front paws on the steering panel. The dog did not move when the bike started moving, and just sat their at attention excited to be going on an amazing ride of a lifetime.

It sort of got me thinking. How often in life when we are told by a close associate about a new venture or opportunity of theirs that we negate their dreams? Instead, we should be like the dog, attentive, loyal, and excited about the possibilities. The dog did not even challenge his owner about the position on the bike. Instead, it just got excited to find such a sweet spot so close to his best friend.

We can learn from man’s best friend and be attentive, loyal, and excited for our friends. When done properly that could be used exclusively to obtain business. Think about it, if all you did was think of others like the dog did and enjoyed helping them your business would soar. So be the dog on the motorcycle in social networking, and learn the secrets of success.