social media community Ready to meet amazing people at our free monthly social media community hangout out on air. Bring your questions about social media. Be prepared to connect with others on the hangout. Then get your butt over onto  Google+ today to join our free social media community hangout. This is an open networking event for those looking to create dynamic connections online.

Plus, I will refund your free ticket if you do not smile at least once during the entire Hangout.

Monthly Social Media Community Hangout On Air Details

What: A monthly meeting to connect with other business owners.

When: Tomorrow, October 30, 3:00 PM CST

How: Through video chat on Google HoA and YouTube live steaminggoogle hangout on air
Who: You, me, and plenty of other entrepreneurs.

This is the Social Media Monthly hangout. Lets connect, break bread online together, and create valuable connections.Will post link 10 minutes before event here on Google Plus Event Page. First 9 can join live, and interactive comments on YouTube for those who do not want to be on camera. This is recorded.

This is a social media event, so be social and invite your friends, followers, and connections. Look forward to seeing you there!

Google Hangout On Air