Cell phone spy apps such as Blackberry monitoring software get a bad name sometimes but they’ve helped people in their daily lives on multiple occasions. Such apps are available on at least five smartphone platforms. The cell phone spy records the activities carried out on the device of the user, which can be viewed online. Most decent apps have the capacity to monitor SMS text messages, GPS data, call logs, photo gallery among other data. Phone log is accessible from any web browser because the data is typically available on online dashboard based accounts.

These apps helps the parents to keep a vigilant eye on their children’s activities. They are able to monitor conversations of their kids and make sure that they don’t associate with any wrong company. Similarly, employers can monitor the data of the cell phones of their employees to make sure that they don’t pass on any company secrets or files.

Evolution of cell phone spy apps

The new version of such apps are more useful to the parents and employers. Parents and employers are able to monitor the activities of their concerned group of people. The newer upgrades can help people monitors phone log, text messages and pictures; but also obtains information from the social networking sites and app blocking. The conversations in different messengers including Facebook, WhatsApp, BlackBerry, Google Talk, Twitter, Yahoo and several others.

Although the apps are found on all smartphone, they’re use is highly efficient in BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry PIN Messenger. They functions as BlackBerry monitoring software and give on the ability to view all other applications installed in the smartphone. In addition to this, they functions as a security apps by blocking any unwanted applications forcibly. By monitoring the social network apps, users can keep the threat of malware attack at bay.

Monitor BlackBerry Social Network apps

Cell phone spy apps work on BlackBerry’s media applications efficiently. They enable the user to identify current GPS location and view the phone’s screen at the same time. The additional features help the users to carry out administration commands swiftly; for example, sending logs to email addresses, starting a silent call or making a text message. These logs can be seen from any web browser, which is secured enough to use.

They allow the user to monitor applications installed in the BlackBerry, while blocking the infected apps. With the help of this application, BlackBerry users are able to record emails from Gmail app and activities on any website, like YouTube. Most importantly, the employers are able to monitor the amount of time each employee spends on certain websites. Likewise, parents have the benefit of knowing the activities of their children and keep a watchful on eye on them through this application, like if the child is not being harassed by anyone on Facebook. Last but not the least, this application can be uninstalled remotely.

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