I am sitting on the train as I write this blog post. Like most days I am on the move meeting clients and referral partners, networking, or looking for a new place where I can find a new perspective on writing new and interesting blog posts along with shooting intriguing videos. Being on the move also means that my operations and marketing are mobile as well.

Here is how it works most days for me. I generally one or two coffees every morning between 9 and 10 am, where I will meet up with a client or referral partner to help each other get more business. When I meet with them, I have my laptop in case I need to demonstrate something on the web, but also I like to Foursquare my location as well, because it let’s my Facebook and Twitter network know what I am up to, without telling them I am in the shower or about to go to sleep.

After my meeting I make a few calls (I have a hands-free headset). Using my SalesForce mobile CRM to call the appropriate people that day. I generally will talk to at least 5-10 prospects before I get to my next stop. The next stop is generally a place where I can pull out my laptop and work for a few hours to help clients. Some days, I do the work from home, and others I am at a Panera or Starbucks clicking away. Actually, I have been able to meet a few prospects just opening my mouth. A lot of business professionals go there to meet, so it is a good place for me to work.

Between 3-5 in the afternoon I will generally go to a networking event. At that time, I will have the opportunity to connect with people on the way there as I make another 10-15 calls to warm leads from the previous networking event that I attended and also in person as I meet people and connect with them live in some cases on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Additionally, depending on where the event is, and what I am doing afterwords I might scan the business cards of everyone I met into my Blackberry business card scanner, and those cards will be listed on my Outlook on my computer when I get home, so I can upload them to Salesforce for calls to those people the next day.

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and the technologies that we are using today are redefining how we interact with each other and how we work and play. 5 years ago I would be on the road, looking at pieces of paper as I called a few people until I ran out of names to call. Now, if that happens I have the opportunity to go onto Salesforce to dig deep into my list and also if I want go on Facebook and contact people via phone.  So, how are you using mobile marketing?