Creating effective mobile marketing campaigns will be one of the biggest methods of pulling in clients from your marketing list over the next few years. According to Comscore, 61.5 million Americans use smartphones.  That means setting up successful mobile marketing campaigns is crucial to long term success to your business development, because the number of users is only predicted to rise. One of the best ways to effectively create mobile marketing campaigns is to convert current email marketing techniques and web marketing ideas and put them into new mobile marketing campaigns. Why reinvent the wheel? The ideas that generated hordes of new internet marketing millionaires can still work for you today on a mobile platform.

iphone mobile marketin campaigns

blackberry mobile marketing campaigns

So let’s review 3 tactics to creating successful

mobile marketing campaigns:

1. Create an incentive to encourage people to sign up for your list. Permission marketing is still the hallmark of any mobile marketing campaign. Have an offer that people can not refuse, if only they put in their email address or mobile phone number to receive this offer.

2.Do your research on the demographic and geographic information about your prospects. Get an idea of what they are interested and learn more about your target market’s desires. Marketing is about filling a need in people’s lives. When you know what your target market wants then you have a better way to create compelling messages to fill their needs.

3. Make sure that you regularly update your list with text messages/mobile emails that want them to know more. Create valuable messages, so that your readers continually have a reason to open your text messages. Keep these messages short, since the people reading your messages on mobile devices will have even shorter attention spans than your web based readers. Plus a number of SMS devices are limited to 160 characters. If you are good creating messages on Twitter, then you will easily adapt to the concept. For those who have not been using Twitter, sign up for Twitter and study how businesses craft short messages for their readers.

As we become a mobile society, the ability to create successful mobile marketing campaigns will only become more and more valuable. Look for new ways to put your message in your customers hands through mobile marketing campaigns.