Mobile Credit Card Processing

For business owners who are always on the go, it’s important not to be restricted to only accepting credit cards on your website and store credit card terminals. If you’re speaking to prospective customers at a trade show or making in-home sales, people are just as likely to want to pay with a credit card and they might not be able to use any other payment method.

Any business professional who wants to accept small business credit card payments on the fly should look into mobile credit card processing. This rapidly-growing trend is a way of accepting credit cards using just a smartphone, an add-on card reader, and an app from your chosen provider.

Applying for an account
Depending on your chosen provider, you may be able to apply online or by filling out a form offline. You will need to provide your name, address, and phone number, your business information, a void cheque (either physical or a scan), and estimates of your business volume or sales. Once you have been approved, you will receive the physical card reader and you can plug it into your smartphone and start accepting payments.

Processing credit cards

When you’re making a sale, you can sign into the app on your smartphone, then insert your credit card reader into the headphone jack or a port on your smartphone (depending on your phone model). Swipe your customer’s credit card, then have your customer sign the screen or authorize the transaction. You can add tax, tips, and items to the bill to make it easier to track these figures.

Merchant account rates
Considering the convenience, simplicity, and security, the rates offered by mobile credit card processing providers are comparable to accepting credit cards at your physical store front. This is usually in the range of 1-3% per transaction, depending on your sales volume, the provider, and the type of transaction (swiped or entered).

Customer convenience and security

Accepting credit cards is a necessity if you need to close deals immediately at a fair, door to door, or a home party. You’re probably already familiar with how many people will back out of a transaction before buying if they have to go to the trouble of visiting your website, or if they don’t have cash on them at that moment. It’s convenient for the customer and secure because you don’t deal with or store their credit card information.

With a mobile credit card processing system, your customers will appreciate being able to pay for items or services on the spot with their credit card, and you won’t be able to believe you ever lived without it. It’s easier and more secure than ever to accept credit cards at any time with a mobile credit card processing!

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