Ever get those ads for MLM leads. Hey, we will get you 100 MLM leads that will explode your MLM business, and then you never have to work again type ads. They get you so revved up on using network marketing that you believe that you new best friend, Mr. MLM leads man will do all these amazing things for you like walk on water and make gold from thin air. In reality, they might provide a little boost to your business, but I prefer using social networking instead.

Using social networking can help you build quality connections that can turn into quality MLM leads, prospects, and eventually clients when done correctly. With a little time spent everyday you can get your social networking running smoothly in a few months. Plus, social networking is something you can use repeatedly over and over again to get out your marketing message.

MLM Leads VS Social Networking

After much brainstorming and thinking, I decided the only fair way to determine the value of MLM leads versus Social Networking is to do a comparison of these two marketing techniques.

MLM Leads ProSocial Networking ProsMLM Leads ConSocial Networking Cons
Instant List of ProspectsCreate easy sales scenario with down lineBuild relationship on a cold callTakes time to develop your network
Prospects come to youCreate numerous, valuable connections around the world or in your neighborhoodNo guarantee that investment pays offCare about people, not numbers
24/7 lead machine!Can target and learn about your prospectsNeed money to test outPractice online etiquette by not spamming people
Low to no cost marketing methods that you can use repeatedly.Limit your connections to the number of leads you can affordBe careful, which networks you use, because some can be a colossal waste of time
Stronger, More dedicated, long lasting MLM partnersScam artists

As you can see in the table above that MLM leads, do not have no value. Instead, they do not bring you the long lasting benefits that you receive from social networking. Why spend your time and money on a MLM leads system, when you can spend a little time now setting up a strong foundation in social networking that will catapult your business forward for a lot longer time period?