Guess what? New MeetWP event today at noon. Awesome details below about how Mika can hack into your WordPress site.

Free event link to participate in MeetWP:

Why would you not want to join us? Do you think I am funny? Do I amuse you? Join us or face the wrath of Joe Pesci!

MeetWP Event Details:

Who: Speaker-Mika Epstein and MeetWP team

What: MeetWP Bi-weekly online networking meetup

When: Today, 9-10-13 at Noon

Where: MeetWP.Me

How: Go To The URL Bar and type in MeetWP.Me

Why: Because you want to network with WordPress enthusiasts around the world, and watch Mika hack into a site live on the show.


Remember to click play on video if it does not auto-start, so you can see what is going on.

Mika Epstein will be the guest speaker at the next MeetWP networking event coming up on September 10th at 12 PM CST. Connect with Mika at:

She will be discussing troubleshooting hacked sites. During the presentation, she will actually hack a site to show you what not to do with your WordPress security. Important for everyone to hear (and see).

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