Ever want to learn how to be an online video creator? Ever wondered what the heck is an online video creator? Very simple! An online video creator is someone who creates video for public consumption and enjoyment!

The time has come to see the amazing ways that I create funky and funny online videos aimed at education and the erudition of the internet marketing populace reading this. Gosh! $4 words are spewing out from me today!


Online Video Creator

So, here is the rundown of the video above to give you multiple approaches to this idea.

Online Video Creator Outline

  1. Find A Topic
  2. Create the content to explain the content to your audience
  3. Give it a little oomph! Do not be like everyone else, and encyclopedic rewrites of current content is boring and not helpful.
  4. Edit your video to be correct and add some sounds for a little spice!
  5. Upload to Youtube

Now you have the master sauce to be an online video creator. Tell me about your adventures and online video creator samples.