What are your Marketing Objectives for social networking? As we delve into the basics of marketing this week, I want to examine the end goal today. Your marketing objectives will help us figure out your end goal for social networking.

Marketing objectives are crucial because they give you strategic goals that you can meet based on your activity. If I spend one hour this is how much I will make. Simple theory, but now does it work in reality.

Marketing Objectives Talking Points

  1. Quantifiable is a pretty huge word that just means can you track it. DoMarketing Objectives Through Marketing Strategy you use Google Analytics or Social Oomph to monitor your social networking? Perhaps you use Aweber for tracking sign ups on your site and Facebook?
  2. How much time and money do you want to put into your marketing to achieve the objectives you need for your business. If you are going Guerilla style, then be prepared to be invested time wise for the long run. If you are investing money, what is your budget? If you do not have a plan for either of these two things, other people will definitely make sure your plan fits with theirs.
  3. That brings up a good point. Geez Andy, you are brilliant! Aw Shucks! Thanks! Set a reasonable time frame to achieve your marketing objectives.
  4. Will your marketing objectives fit with your business. As a social networking schmoozer I do not do cold calls for my business. It just does not fit in with what I am building. Therefore, setting 100 cold calls/day does not fit my modus operandi. I have done this with other businesses, but it does not fit with Smart At The Start.
  5. Does it motivate you to achieve your objectives as a company. Having a marketing objective is more of an incentive, so everyone knows what is expected of them.
  6. They mean nothing if you do not take action on these objectives. Marketing objectives are a first step, not the entire process.

Marketing objectives are great milestones to see how your company is doing. When you hit your milestones it is great to celebrate your victories and look into what was working. When you miss those milestones study what worked and did not work, so you can build a better marketing engine for the future.

Let us know in the comments what your marketing objectives are and how you plan to hit them?

We can be there to encourage you to hit those marketing objectives. My marketing objectives for this blog are to hit 10,000 visitors or more per month by the end of the year. I am achieving these marketing objectives by blogging quality content everyday that I distribute through social networking and search engine optimization.

How can we help you achieve your marketing objectives?