I have wanted to “Make ‘Em Laugh”, ever since I had to do a bit part in junior high from the classic movie “Singing In The Rain.” I have always been enamored with the classic Donald O’Conner song “Make ‘Em Laugh“(Check Youtube Video). Recently I have been humming that song, and had it on mind. So, what is now in mind will now be your delight in reading.

Oh boy! That is probably your first reaction! But as always, stick with me on this winding narrative of social networking bliss and divinity.

People like to laugh! Even those who consider themselves Emo, Goth, Dark and Mysterious(Oh la la) enjoy an occasional laugh.Why? Because we are emotional beings of course.

Emotions are the common link between all humans, and because of that it is so vital to connect with people through social networking via those emotions. Now, a lot of marketers will use fear and other anxiety inducing emotional triggers to get you to move.

But most forget laughter and happiness. When someone is happy they are less likely to criticize you, or not do business with you. Additionally, when the clients you meet are thousands of miles away from you, creating a fear inducing panic is not an easy trick to master. So why bother doing it all?

Instead, think about other emotional triggers. My favorite is laughter. I will always remember going to my uncle’s house when I was a kid, and laughing so hard I would cry. I do not remember what we were talking about, but the tears rolling down my cheek as my stomach hurt from laughing as my cheeks howled with the pain of smiling for too long remains forever.

Additionally, when I think about the memories with family members it was laughter that always brought us together. Friends as well!

Even today I enjoy a good joke! It is kind of funny! My wife likes to tell me I am not funny, and I remind her that this negative reinforcement does not work, because I know she is only trying to dissuade me from telling more jokes and egging me on which will not work. Besides, I tell her I am quite funny! She rolls her eyes, and I tell her another joke!

So, what in the world does this have to do with your social networking. Very simple! Be funny! There is nothing wrong with making a client laugh at your jokes.

I always love it when people are afraid that someone will see some funny joke that was meant to be private go public for all to see. They say, “What should I do?”

My response is whether their network enjoyed the joke or comment. The fact is that we are all people, and someone will get offended with whatever we do. It is guaranteed that out of all the people that will read this at least 1-2% will not like me because of this post. Your loss my future non-existent friend!

The Donald O’Connor video has 600,000 hits and 28 people do not like the video. I believe that those were 28 people Donald O’Connor would never care to meet anyways.

Go out there and be yourself in social networking. Be authentic, be sincere, and when necessary repeat my jokes because they are so funny your network will be screaming to do business with you (Disclaimer: That might happen or not!)!

When you Make ‘Em Laugh you will find is that success will not be measured in ROI, but in a healthier network around you that shares your same belief’s and looks for prospects for you.

In the meantime, “Make ‘Em Laugh!”