For those of you who have been using Facebook Fan Pages in the past, you understand the challenges of creating an excellent custom Facebook FBML page. Facebook FBML pages have previously been the outlet of web designers, since you needed to know html coding and graphics to create the custom pages that make these mini-websites inside of Facebook work.

That has now changed with the Lujure Assembly Line, which allows every business owner to create Drag and Drop Custom Fan Pages without knowing coding or spending hours designing just the right page. You can now easily create a page in minutes, which used to take hours or finding halfway solutions.

For business owners looking to brand themselves, this is the perfect option to combine your social networking presence from different networks, along with providing your new and current fans a better idea of who you are, and what makes your brand so unique and amazing.

Facebook FBML Example

"FBML Page"

The example above comes from my Andrew Nathan Facebook fan page. As you can see, I have incorporated different parts of my social networking in order to accurately brand myself. You can see everything here from my Tweets to my email marketing capture forms. Where else can you have 500 million people discover more about your business with all of the great marketing tools at your disposal?

Lujure has made it possible for me to actually set up these custom pages, and I want to make sure that you have the option to do the same. So, I will give you the option of two incredible offers to help you more effectively use this service:

1. For $27/month you can set up your own Facebook FBML page through Lujure (Note: I am an affiliate). Click on the link below to move forward with this offer.

2. For $100/year I will set up and maintain your Facebook FBML page, plus for only $19/month you receive the Aweber email marketing software to help you keep in touch with your clients through email campaigns (Package Deal). Now, one final item to help make this more worthwhile! Assuming the Chicago Bears win today (which they will), then you get a $25 discount of the yearly Facebook FBML page. Email me at andy AT to move forward with this offer.