Ever wonder what the first social network really looked like? Have you wanted to gaze into time, and see exactly what they discussed in the first social network. Now, is your chance. Due to a secretive relationship, I have been able to recover the first ever picture of what the first social network actually looked like.

First Social Network

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First Social Network Surprise

Ok, once you calm down from the fact that this might not be a real picture. In fact, since I created this on Toondoo I can almost guarantee that this is not a real picture. What I can say is that we have been using social networking, since the dawn of time. This is not something new, and instead social networking is a tool that can really help extend your brand and increase revenue. This cartoon was just a tool to reframe your opinion of how we actually use social networking, and as much as things have changed. They have also stayed the same.

One final note. When you are using social networking and blogging, you get to have some fun by creating long lost, secretive photos of the first social network.