I have been playing with a possible new toy called LinkTube. Looking at new ways of doing things by playing with how this site works. This is  how I generally figure out everything from Twitter to Facebook to WordPress to LinkTube. I play with it, gently deducing how certain things will work, and then bashing my computer when it does not work that way the first few times until I arrive at the correct way of doing things.

LinkTube Review

LinkTube does what the name suggests. It provides hyperlinks on Youtube videos that you can use to click onto other sites. The videos can be embedded on your blog or website. Obviously, this can be very attractive for online marketers who do a lot of video marketing. This is a great way of directing traffic to your site. Plus, when you combine this with the power of WordPress it is a 1-2-3 easy method that really makes this system useful.

Step 1. Upload your Youtube video. (Check out our Youtube 101 video for more info)

Step 2:  Fill out the information on LinkedTube, including the Youtube URL info, which you can find on the Youtube Video line. Also, make sure that you fill out the Button Text, Button URL(your destination), Hover Title, and Hover Text. I have a sample of what I did for my homepage in the picture above. Click Save and Get Code.

Step 3: Copy the code that you have from LinkedTube and now copy this in the appropriate spot on your WordPress blog. Make sure that you are in an area that allows HTML. If you do this in the visual editor you will just see a lot of code.

That is it! Except for…

LinkedTube Autoplay

The video does not autoplay, like I would like it to. What is the point of creating a video on your homepage if it does not autoplay? So, I am going to reach out and ask if anyone knows how to get this to autoplay?

I attempted some basic autoplay codes and nothing worked. Due to my virtually non-existent tech background it is not surprising. What is surprising is that I am not the only person to run into this challenge, so therefore if you have an answer it would also be helping others as well.

LinkedTube Overview

LinkedTube is a nifty new toy to play with that provides a lot of what a marketer wants in terms of directing traffic to their websites