Social networking can be your greatest ally in creating a great link building strategy. Before we start with that the great question is what is Link Building Strategy. the basics of Link Building is that you are creating inbound links to your website through various other related sites. A more detailed explanation is available on my previous post on this subject from August, 2010.

That leads to the next question, why can social networking become your greatest ally in creating a great link building strategy? The answer is simple. Using the content from social networking you not only get the chance to demonstrate your knowledge of your field, but you also get to share links to your website. That is key point about content creation.

Whether it is a video on Youtube or an article on Ezine Articles, you now have the opportunity to create large amounts of content to be distributed that can be shared with large numbers of people on social networking and also has the potential to be picked up a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo to get the most out of your content.

Let me give you a fictional example. A dentist creates a video on Youtube regarding how to get your teeth cleaned that gets 10000 hits. Due to the number of people looking at this teeth cleaning video he is able to direct 500 people to his website because of this video. Then Google includes his video in their search engines for the keyword “teeth cleaned”. At the same time, for an inexplicable reason people want to learn more about how to get your teeth cleaned. 100,000 people type in the word “teeth cleaned”.

Because your Youtube video links back to your website, both your website and your Youtube video get additional hits. Your website receives 5,000 more vists and you receive 50 total paying patients from this one video.

The idea might vary from business to business, but the key here is to create content that your customers can use to build their business. Do not stop at one video, article, photo, or podcast. Instead, create many different venues for people to find out more information about your services. That way instead of one video creating 50 customers, you might create 10 videos like this that create 500 customers. The idea is to continually create content, so you can keep building your business and demonstrating your expertise in the area.

In the end your link building strategy will depend on how much you use social networking to grow your business.

Link Building Strategy