Link building is crucial to your search engine strategy. I found a cool site today that I want to discuss that can help you with your link building strategy for some and for others to make money.

link building

Link Building

LinkVehicle is a link building site designed to help those who need additional search traffic receive that traffic. Additionally, for those who are looking for extra source of income the company provides Text-Link-Ads.

So, why is this so great? Well, now you can actually build your links by buying them and having them placed strategically on different blogs for those sites that are looking for additional traffic.

On the other hand, for those who want to get additional revenue from their site with little work then this is a great option for advertising revenue to your site.

Now, this might be the point where you say what is the catch to this for both sides?Glad you asked. Otherwise, I would be afraid that you were not thinking in the best interests of your blog.

The catch is simply this for the link building. You can definitely build your links by yourself, but at a certain point the time involved is too great.

On the other hand, what you are losing by placing these ads on your site is a little bit of SEO juice. However, you have to balance if it is better to get additional search traffic or you actually want to make money with your site. That is a personal choice, and I respect whichever way you go with that line of thinking.

Either way, this is a great time to explore this opportunity for you to build your link building efforts, and possibly make money as well.