like list

Like List calls itself a word of mouth service to share and discover trusted local businesses. It is sort of a cross between Yelp and Foursquare, because users have the opportunity to find companies in the area and also the users can like their favorite spots just “like” on Facebook. It is a great way to find deals for local businesses in your area and also advertise your business. Here are three ways you can use Like List for your business.

First, attract more customers by getting noticed on Like List by staying active. Like any other social networking service the more you participate in a social network the more you can grow your business. Start taking an active role on Like List by completing your profile and then connecting with other local businesses and patrons. Become their friend through the site, and develop the relationships and service online that they will come to know and expect from you at your establishment.

Second, establish your reputation on Like List by being listed there. Numbers do not matter and at the same time they do. People check to see that they are not alone and are not your guinea pigs testing out your business. They want to see social proof that you business is one that they should use. Whether it is the quality of food at a restaurant or an amazing Social Networking Schmoozer that helps businesses use Twitter and Facebook to grow their online revenue, you can find social proof of your company’s success.

Third, keep your customers coming back with specials every week. The great thing about Like List is that you have the potential to put a new special or as they call it MinuteAds. These quick and free ads are great for the entrepreneur looking to get the most out of their marketing.

Like List can be a great tool for businesses looking to find local customers. Like List’s ability to help local businesses connect with local consumers is the reason why it is a growing location based social network.

Like List