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I have a crystal ball that let’s me see all of your greatest social networking problems. I know it is a gift. A gift that I plan on sharing with you today to solve your greatest social networking problems (Insert Loud Applause). Fear not it is time dissolve these problems into the sands of time where they will be lost forever.

In fact, I will almost guarantee that 90% of all problems people have with social networking come down to three items: time, content, and usage. So, let us probe these persnickety problems in detail.

Greatest Social Networking Problems

Time- The clock is ticking and you are wondering how in the world you will ever have a chance to get things done. After all, how do you squeeze in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+, Slideshare, WordPress, Stumbleupon, Blog Talk Radio, and Digg in 30 minutes? How in the world are you supposed to manage all of these social networks?

The answer is: You should not. Instead, pick and choose which social networks you can use and which are too time consuming to consider. Then spend an allotted amount time each day with an egg timer next to you, so you can go back to working on the rest of your business and not be tied into the social networking vortex.

If you need some help on automating your social networking to help you check out: What Are The Coolest Automation Tools or join us at our Internet Marketing Nightcap radio show tonight as we discuss how to automate your social networking with Bill Crosby as our guest.

Content- What the heck do you write about in social networking that is not boring? Believe me, I understand how you feel. I look at stuff that I have written over time and while some of the information is absolutely brilliant if I do say so myself, there is more junk in their than a rotting dumpster. How can you keep it fresh?

Think about what is going on in the industry to continually mold a better social networking experience for your audience. I know in my business there is always a new toy, gizmo, system, device, idea, twist, and turn that has to be explored. The same will hold true in your business as well. Discover the interesting and keep learning. You will be amazed at what you discover.

Usage- How do you market your business and still not be annoying. My simple answer is test, test, test.  I sometimes tell people that I am a social networking guinea pig, because I continually test out new methods for using social networking. Once I know what works I stick with it and then test out other aspects of social networking.

There is no way that you will get everything right the first time. Start using social networking and learn what works and does not with your specific audience. Everyone will have a different approach depending upon the audience you are working with. Keep this in mind, and you will find the right approach for your network.


Have these answered your questions on social networking? If you need some additional help please check out our free social networking training system to learn more about defeating these grueling social networking problems.



What other social networking problems have you experienced that we can help you with?