When I started using social networking I committed myself to learn something new everyday. There is so much to learn about social networking that it was virtually impossible to learn everything right away. That was also the greatest part about social networking, I could learn something new everyday about this field.

So, even today it is a constant wonderment how everyday there is something new and amazing to learn about the changes on Facebook, or discover a new way for using WordPress that changes my reality.

My belief is that if you do not learn something new in social networking that challenges you to do more and extend your reach, then what is the point of being online in the first place? I want to see how far I can go and am constantly stretching my limits on social networks to determine what is and is not acceptable. I have told many a client that I am there guinea pig checking to see if everything works. It is better to make a huge mistake on my account then on theirs, so I continue to play around with what works best.

So after all of these experiments and learning here are three methods to use so you can learn something new everyday as well:

  1. Take 10 minutes to check out a blog post, article, video, or podcast everyday. I would love to tell you it had to be social networking schmoozer approved, but as long as the information is quality then go for it. (That reminds me, do not forget to add this site to your RSS feed!)
  2. Put into action what you just learned. It is not enough just to spend 10 minutes everyday learning about something new. Instead, you need to take some time to actually put the knowledge into use. If you spend 30 minutes applying the knowledge you learn everyday you will be in the top 2% of people who have read that information.
  3. Play around with social networking. Social networking is not a game, but you do need to understand the rules. Just like in any game some rules are crystal clear and some need to be played before you understand them. Creating a WordPress blog might sound confusing when reading about it. However, once you have actually done it once it is easy to replicate time and time again.

As you have inferred from the three methods above, learning something new everyday alone will not bring your social networking success. Consistently learning something new everyday and applying the knowledge consistently will make the difference.