Ready to launch a LinkedIn Introduction Example? This is probably the moment that you have been waiting on all year long. What the heck do you tell someone when you want to connect? It is like asking your spouse out on a date all over again, except for much different intentions.

That is why I thought we might want to discuss this as an add-on to social networking etiquette conversation we had at the beginning of the year.

LinkedIn Introduction Example

Going Through A LinkedIn Introduction Example

As you can see from the basic LinkedIn message above this is not a helpful introduction to send to a valued prospect.

So, what exactly do you want to include in your LinkedIn Introduction Example? I generally recommend you include the following:

  1. Start off with the person’s name. As the great late Dale Carnegie used to say, “There is nothing sweeter than one’s name”. Hello Bob, Sarah, etc.
  2. Tell people how you know them. Guess what happens when you assume? Oh yes I went with that horrible joke, but the fact remains that you have to tell people how you know them. I get text message all the time from people I know, but without a point of reference I do not know who they are from their phone number. It is is the same thing on LinkedIn.
  3. Have a mini call to action. Let’s meet for coffee, talk on the phone, email back and forth. Always make the first connection with someone on LinkedIn an appointment or way for them to learn more. LinkedIn is very service oriented, so come from a place of servitude with that first call.

With these ideas in mind you are off to the races with your handy LinkedIn Introduction Example to guide you to the right connections.